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Hypebeast - Classic Vans Silhouettes Receive Traditional Japanese-Inspired Makeovers

After releasing custom PUMA Suedes and Nike Cortezs earlier this year, sneaker customizers the Flying Hawk Studio, and once again in conjunction with Simple Union, have this time recreated a slew of classic Vans silhouettes including the Slip On, Sk8 Hi, Old Skool and Era.

The collection titled “Series of Craft And Cultural” includes six different Vans models each featuring traditional Japanese elements and twists such as a Kitsune mask and Dharma Tumbler motif. The Japanese believe the black Kitsune and the white Kitsune are the messengers of Inari God who is in charge of agriculture while the Dharma tumblers bring fortune. Elsewhere, delicate stitching and embroidery can be found along with traditional Japanese patchwork and fabrics.

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