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Hypebeast - TFHS & Simple Union Update the Converse 1970 With Traditional Japanese Elements

Sneaker customizer The Flying Hawk Studio has once again joined forces with Simple Union to revamp Converse‘s Chuck Taylor All-Star 1970.

Dressed with a bevy of painstaking details, the Converse 1970 “Kaiun” celebrates 2020 and features two large red circles on each lateral side. On the right sneaker, a blue Origami bird is spotlighted alongside a bevy of pink hearts, while the left portion showcases two paper lanterns marked with an Orizuru and Ema. The Japanese believe that lighting a lantern can bring peace, while the Orizuru symbolizes vitality and health. Lastly the Ema is used for prayer.

Each pair is unique, with art applied to each model by hand resulting in subtle differences between the sneakers. Additionally, those interested in purchasing a pair can get their name hot-stamped onto the sneakers.

You can pre-order your own pair of handmade Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 1970 “Kaiun” starting now until January 18. Deliveries will then be sent out by the end of February. Head over to Simple Union’s site to order.

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