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NICE KICKS - Flying Hawk Studio Give the Air Force 1 a Traditional Japanese Makeover

Sneaker customizers Flying Hawk Studio have once again joined forces with Simple Union to put their own spin onto Nike’s coveted Air Force 1 silhouette.

Dressed with a bevy of painstaking details the Nike Air Force 1 “Koinobori Velcro” features removable velcro Swoosh insignias that have been designed to look like a black carp flag, representing fathers. Each pair is unique, with art applied to each model by hand, resulting in subtle differences between the sneakers.

You can pre-order your own pair of handmade Nike Air Force 1 “Koinobori Velcro” over at theflyinghawkstudio.tv now.

Post Link : https://www.nicekicks.com/flying-hawk-studio-simple-union-air-force-1-koinobori-velcro-release-date/

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